Compact, light, efficient

Necklite conformable collar

A cervical collar designed for first emergency use, consisting of a conformable aluminium foil covered with soft, high-density PU foam.

These specific features allow the collar to be folded or rolled down for storage in very small spaces. This permits it to be carried inside backpacks, kits and small pockets.

A series of flaps are positioned to support the chin and are conformable to fit each individual patient’s shape. Once fitted to the patient, the collar becomes rigid and the neck is firmly immobilised.

  • Compact, lightweight, fast and easy to use, effective, radiolucent
  • One size fits all
  • No adjustment
  • Fits and conforms to the patient

Technical specifications

The device is light and thin, 5 mm thick, with a width of 180 mm and a total length of 550 mm. The closing system uses a Velcro fastening strip.

Once positioned, the device has an elliptical hole at the back and a large oval hole at the front that allows the patient to undergo a tracheotomy.

The Necklite is radiolucent, thus allowing the patient to be X-rayed while wearing the device


  • For military use: dark grey interior/exterior
  • For civil use: dark grey interior/yellow exterior

Weight and dimensions:

  • Weight 105 g
  • Width 550 mm
  • Height 180 mm
  • Thickness 5 mm

How to use it

  • Slide the back of the collar, with the elliptical hole, under the patient’s neck until it is possible to grasp the collar from the opposite side.
  • Wrap the front part of the collar under the lower jaw, taking care to align the oval hole with the chin. Make the collar as tight as possible. Tighten it and pull the Velcro.
  • Push the flaps against the chin and check that they support it well. Place the collar in a position that perfectly immobilises the patient’s neck and adjust the Velcro if necessary.

Lightweight and slim device

Essential and easy to transport

In action

The CNSAS specialised team for mountain rescue in the gorge uses the yellow Necklite collars!