Exclusive patented design

Hybriboard: the new standard stretcher

The sides of the Hybriboard do not expose the patient to the risk of secondary damage caused, as is the case with basket stretchers, by the vertical walls of the stretcher being 20-25cm high.

The special ‘restraint’ design with 30° walls is the right compromise between ensuring rapid loading, safe immobilisation for the patient, quick and simple, and easy handling once evacuated. Access for medication and treatment as well as transfer to another stretcher is therefore very easy.

In the case of a log roll, the Hybriboard is very easy to manoeuvre, and it also avoids a step as, thanks to its slightly curved walls, it does not require the patient to be moved, who, by contrast on a classic spinal stretcher, has to be moved sideways after the log roll as he is not positioned in the middle of the stretcher.

barella Hybriboard

Transport and handling of injured athletes on sports fields and patients in pre-hospital settings

  • Integrated Belt System
  • Easy and Safe Operation
  • Large Load Capacity
  • Exclusive Design
  • Large Dimensions
  • Easy Log Roll
  • Military
  • Sports Fields
  • First Aid
  • Major Disasters
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Outdoor Rescue

No more belt problems

Very often the application of belts is slow and complicated due to Velcro fasteners or complicated procedures.

As a result, they are not applied, putting the patient’s safety at risk, and dangling from the stretcher, they pose a serious risk to the stretcher bearers, who in their eagerness may become entangled and fall..

Integrated Belt System

The unique Integrated Belt System allows the use of restraint belts quickly and safely. The integrated retractors in the stretcher frame quickly roll up the belts when not in use.

This allows space-saving storage and time-saving operation, making loading and evacuation of the patient quick and safe.

Time for standard procedures

In the rescue of athletes, there are no standard procedures, let alone uniform devices.

There is a proliferation of different stretchers, with critical shapes and functionalities, in an industry without rules with dangerous and sometimes ridiculous consequences.

The Hybriboard brings together in its design the best features of different types of stretchers, particularly aimed at the special needs of transferring injured athletes to the sidelines.

  • large size for even the heaviest athletes;
  • rigid to immobilise the spine in case of suspected injuries;
  • possibility of log roll, facilitated by the special design of the structure;
  • with 30° walls to contain the patient easily and safely;
  • integrated restraint belt system for fast immobilisation;
  • soft foam mattress for patient comfort (optional).

Accessories available:

Perfectly compatible with our Carrier EL-2000

Hybriboard can be perfectly loaded onto our EL-2000 Carrier for easy, comfortable and safe transport of stretcher and patient.

Hybriboard compatibile Carrier EL 2000

Why use two stretchers?

The right compromise to contain the patient