Basic life support

Adult BLS dummies

Adult BLS CPR Resuscitation Manikins ideal for Basic Life Support, BLSD, Corporate First Aid Courses. The most popular category and the one in which every First Aid Instructor can find the most suitable BLS training manikin for their teaching needs.

From the practical and affordable BLS Ambu Man School manikins to the technological and professional BT Inc. Sherpa X digital CPR Feedback dummies through to the revolutionary Practi-Man Products adult/pediatric dummies and the Ambu iQF digital CPR Feedback dummies, our range of CPR training dummies can satisfy every technical and investment need.

Universal Dummies - Adult

Universal Real Weight Training Dummies for rescue, extrication, dragging, evacuation and missing people search

The new standard in ultra-realistic simulation

Medical simulators of wounds and trauma

The possibility of reproducing wounds and traumas on educational dummies and/or people during exercises and training sessions is an activity that in the past has been the exclusive prerogative of High Fidelity Medical Simulation Centres and facilities, such as the military or the Italian Red Cross, equipped with personnel specialised in make-up and moulage techniques.

Today, thanks to the availability of new Wound and Trauma Simulators made of silicone and extremely easy to apply, it is possible to increase the level of realism and involvement of participants even in basic and first aid courses aimed at the general public and lay rescuers such as Trauma Courses, Company First Aid Courses, BLS and BLSD Courses, and Tactical Medicine Courses.

Discover the complete range of Silicone Wound and Trauma Simulators produced by the UK company Simology ™, and also the complete range of Wearable Wound and Trauma Simulators produced by the leading autralian company TraumaSim Group.

Simology™ represents the new standard in ultra-realistic wound simulation: Simology™ wounds are moulded from premium quality soft silicone, are pre-painted and are easy to apply. All wounds are available in a choice of 4 skin tones, with various kits and instructional videos for wound application, bruising and mixing skin tones.

The Simology™ range includes:

  • Blade wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Venous accesses
  • Gunshots and blast injuries
  • Wound application kits
  • Skin tone blending kit
  • Bruise Effects Kit

Management of massive haemorrhage

Medical simulators for bleeding control

Bleeding Control refers to all the techniques necessary for the management of massive haemorrhage caused by a traumatic event or gunshot wound.

Bleeding Control training has in the past been reserved exclusively for medical personnel and armed forces personnel, but more recently, thanks to the international Stop The Bleed campaign and other important initiatives, the dissemination of massive bleeding control manoeuvres has also reached non-medical personnel and the general public.

Massive Haemorrhage is, together with Cardiac Arrest, the only life-threatening Medical Emergency that does not allow one to wait for the arrival of the Emergency Services and in which the immediate intervention of bystanders can make the difference between life and death: for this reason, both in Workplace Safety and in the training of Fire Fighters and all safety and surveillance personnel, Bleeding Control training is often provided alongside BLSD training on the use of the AED Defibrillator.

Discover the wide range of Medical Simulators, Synthetic Blood, Torniquet Trainers and a careful selection of medical devices for massive haemorrhage control training in civil, military and healthcare settings: True Clot, Trauma Sim, Wound Cube by Phokus Research Group.