Carrier EL 2000 e EL 3000

Transport and handling

Carrier EL2000 / EL3000 Military

This device has proven to be very useful for transporting and moving injured people (or materials) in and around field hospitals, PMAs, sports facilities and events, as a link to helicopter platforms or in the airport area, in disaster scenarios typical of catastrophic events or natural disasters.

The new PPL and fibreglass wheels with patented Quick Release System®, the retractable handles, and the wide range of stretchers that can be supported, make the EL2000 / EL3000 Military field stretcher carrier a complete and versatile tool for use in all non-hospital areas for stretcher and patient transport on unpaved surfaces.

What advantages does EL2000 / EL300 Military have over a normal roller carrier?

  • large wheels to handle any terrain
  • universal
  • versatile
  • lightweight
  • stable

All these features make it unstoppable. Snow, grass, mud, sand, gravel or pebbles, it doesn’t matter, the EL2000/EL3000 Military will get your woundedor your equipment safely to its destination!


Dimensions and weight


  • length: cm 52,00
  • width: cm 61,50
  • height: cm 84,50


  • length: cm 147,00
  • width: cm 66,00
  • height: cm 88,00


  • frame kg 20,00
  • solid wheels kg 5.60
  • pneumatic wheels kg 4.40


The EL2000 Campale stretcher holder complies with EN 1865:2001 with reference to New Regulation EU 2017/745.


A twin-wheel set-up suitable for use on desert soils is now available on request.

Versatile and secure

Method of use

With two stretcher bearers

With the EL2000 / EL3000 Camp Stretcher Carrier, two stretcher bearers can easily transport a wounded person. This is the recommended standard configuration.

Transporting a casualty is almost always done with four stretcher bearers, which is a waste of human resources and time.

With the EL2000 / EL3000 Field Stretcher Carrier, 4 stretcher bearers can transport 2 wounded persons and in extreme emergency situations even 4.

With a stretcher bearer

Thanks to a special set-up, use with only one stretcher-bearer is possible. For safety reasons, however, use with two stretcher bearers is recommended.

Visiting bed

In emergency situations, doctors are forced to examine or perform basic manoeuvres while kneeling on the floor.

The position is objectively uncomfortable, but thanks to the EL2000 / EL3000 Campale stretcher carrier, the problem is solved as it places the stretcher platform at a height that allows comfortable access for patient examination.

Materials transport

It can also be used to load and transport different types of materials in the area of the field hospital, PMA or any temporary facility without a smooth floor.

Temporary hospital bed

The EL2000 / EL3000 Camp Stretcher Carrier can also be used as a temporary hospital bed and with many types of camp and emergency stretchers and spine boards.


Adapts to every situation