Combat Pulse Oximeter

Shockproof rubber finger pulse oximeter, indestructible, fully waterproof, accurate, black colour, AAA battery.


C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet®

The unique and original, the most widely used Tourniquet in the world, supplied as standard to the Armed Forces of all NATO countries. The easiest to use in its Generation 7 version, distributed in Italy exclusively by FLAMOR S.r.l., it is also the most copied and counterfeited.

The C-A-T is a disposable product. Available in BLACK or ORANGE. The BLUE trainer is also available.

Emergency Bandage®

The Emergency Bandage, original name The Emergency Bandage®, known as the Israeli Bandage, is a compression bandage with pad and pressure bandage, made of durable and versatile material. Ideal for the urgent treatment of massive haemorrhages in all parts of the body. An indispensable component of any individual first aid kit. Made in Israel, distributed exclusively in Italy by FLAMOR srl is often counterfeited with copies of very poor quality. Available in sizes: cm10, cm15 and abdominal.


Combat Gauze® stops arterial and venous bleeding in seconds

Fast-acting Combat Gauze® is the ultimate wound care dressing. Adapted to the needs of combat and tactical medical personnel, this haemostatic dressing combines surgical gauze with a patented inorganic material to offer three important benefits:

  • It stops blood flow
  • It is inert
  • It is hypoallergenic

The material can be adapted to wounds of any size or shape (including penetrating wounds), and is easily removed once coagulation has occurred.

SOF® Tourniquet

The SOF® tactical tourniquet is one of the best performing medical tourniquets available today. It is the tourniquet of choice for its exceptional ability to control severe bleeding, high level of reliability and ease of application. SOF®TT is the reliable tourniquet for controlling limb bleeding on operating fields.


The SOF®TT is made of quality, high-strength materials. The tourniquet handle is machined from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminium and retains its resistance to extreme temperatures.


Technical characteristics: disposable haemostat, sterile, with non-oxidised cellulose structure, bio-absorbable, no compression, natural clotting, easy removal.

When exposed to water, blood or exudates it turns into a gel in seconds, active for 24 hours and stable for 3 days.

Available sizes: cm 10×10, cm 8×20, cm 8×100.


Necklite conformable collar

Conformable collar made of aluminium foil covered with high-density polyurethane foam. This particular construction feature makes the collar foldable, rollable, and allows it to take on a very small and compact shape and size, suitable for fitting into small bags, backpacks and pockets.

Characteristics: compact, light, effective, radio-transparent, easy to use.

Format: military, civilian, paediatric.

Sam Pelvic Sling

Patented automatic stop buckle for compression control

For rapid on-site stabilisation of pelvic fractures

The only device that automatically limits compression, ensuring safety and effectiveness

Standard size fits 95% of the population without the need for cutting or modification

Sam Splint

Conformable splint for limbs immobilisation. Washable, sanitised, reusable. Compact, it is easily transported in a backpack and adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the part to be immobilised.

Dimensions cm 10×92 flat, cm 10×46 flat, cm 10×23, sam finger cm 5×11.


B.I.G. Bone Injection Gun

Automatic intraosseous infusion device

When venous access cannot be found, the B.I.G. Bone Injection Gun, the new automatic intraosseous infusion device, provides safe, fast and easy intravascular access through the bone marrow.

The B.I.G. completely eliminates any delay in finding intravascular access. For fluid and drug administration in the field, the B.I.G. has proven to be the perfect solution.

It is also ideal for intra-hospital use, especially in paediatrics departments and emergency rooms.


The intraosseous infusion system designed specifically for use in the sternum during emergency response.

When intravenous access is not possible, FAST helps specialised personnel during pre-hospital, hospital or battlefield response to quickly establish vascular access and administer emergency fluids and drugs safely and effectively through the bone marrow.

Studies show that substances infused into the sternal marrow appear in the central circulatory system in less than 30 seconds; 2-3 times faster than non-sternal areas.

Complete kits

Self-medication kits

The container is made of cordura, dimensions 17x12x9 cm, weight 500 g, equipped with a universal system that is easy to attach and detach, water-resistant.

Available in low visibility version including black or dark material. Available colours: new vegetated continental, black, blue.

1 Isothermal blanket gold/silver
1 Shear cut shears
1 C-A-T® Gen7 canvas tourniquet
1 Pair of latex gloves size M
1 Pair of latex gloves size L
1 Mouth-to-mouth respiratory protection mask
1 Self-adherent elastic adhesive bandage Peha-Haft® cm 8×4 m
1 Sterile gauze bandage 10×10 cm
1 Emergency Bandage® compression bandage 10 cm
1 Triangular olive drape
1 Band-Aids in various sizes
5 Steri-strips mm 12×100 – bags of 6 pcs.
1 Tape plaster 2.5 x 5 m cm in cloth
1 Disinfectant wipes
1 Leaflet with self-rescue instructions
1 Loading flyer


H*Vent Chest Seal

A dressing designed to relieve pressure from an open chest wound due to air in the chest (pneumothorax) or body fluid (haemothorax).

A complete seal around the wound area is always guaranteed, reducing the risk of air or fluid finding alternative routes.

Large vent openings allow visual monitoring of the wound.

The H*VENT Laminar Ventilated Thoracic Dressing is sold in a single pack and in a double pack with two individually sealed thoracic seals connected together for easy access and use.

Both versions have a 5-year shelf life.


Nar Pneumothorax Needle

Our patented ARS® needle decompression kits are designed to provide needle/catheter of the appropriate length to penetrate the pleural space in 99% of patients. With its built-in safety features, the ARS® improves the likelihood of success in treating victims with signs and symptoms of hypertensive pneumothorax.

With the same quality and reliability as our current 14-gauge version is the new 10-gauge ARS®, which offers the option of a needle/catheter with a diameter approximately 60% larger.

H&H Pneumothorax Needle

H&H Tension Pneumothorax Needle, the TyTek Tension Pneumothorax Access Pack (TPAK) a 14-gauge by 3.25-inch needle/catheter for use in the management of combat casualties presenting the signs and symptoms of hypertensive pneumothorax.

The hard plastic case protects the device from damage and harsh environmental conditions.


Nasopharyngeal Cannulae

Nasopharyngeal tube with adjustable flange, various sizes: 22 CH, 24 CH, 26 CH, 28 CH, 30 CH.