Flamor: history and products

Medical items for Tactical Medicine

Founded in 2003 from an idea of the owner and founder, Flavio Limontini, Flamor immediately proposed itself on the market of first emergency medical articles with the aim of meeting the needs of the Military Health Service first and foremost. Its field of action is therefore the emergency sector, in particular the niche of Tactical Medicine and major disasters.

Selected items from all over the world for training, exercises, camps or operational areas, sports and outdoor activities and for all other medical needs.

Production of medical devices at the specific request of military bodies, tailor-made equipment according to the specific needs of Tactical Medicine flank a more traditional product line related to the various requirements of medical and infirmary equipment and furnishings and have made Flamor a major name in military medical supplies within a short time.

In response to a specific need of our military personnel on mission, the Portabarelle, Carrier EL2000 and EL3000 Military project was born, a first emergency device for transporting stretcher and patient on any type of unpaved surface.

It has proved to be very useful for transporting and moving the wounded (or even materials if necessary) in and around field hospitals, PMAs, as a connection to helicopter platforms or in the airport area, in disaster scenarios typical of catastrophic events or natural disasters.

From being a fundamental requirement of our Armed Forces, the EL2000 Carrier has become the international standard for meeting the specific need of patient transport in rough terrain. Countries such as the USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and vast areas such as Europe, Arab countries and the Middle East have adopted this particular device.


To stay on the production theme, Flamor now produces the Necklite, a special conformable collar designed to be compact and thus easily transported in the cramped space of military medical backpacks. It too has begun to spread internationally.

Finally, the Hybriboard sports stretcher was designed for specific use in professional sports fields for the evacuation of injured players from the playing field. Although it is still a project in the definition phase, it has already received excellent feedback from civil customers.

As far as medical supplies are concerned, today the company is the undisputed leader in the military sector, occupying a prominent position in the supply of medical backpacks for medical and nursing personnel, individual self-medication kits, and the needs of infirmaries garrisoned on national territory and those structured at our bases engaged in international missions. Finally, for the past few months, the company has also started supplying civil customers, both with technical products and classic products for hospital use.

There is no demand Flamor cannot fulfil, there is no problem it cannot solve. Any place, any time.